Karr or kitt, VuMeter, PANP keys controller, CountDown output, Sequencer, DTMF tone generator

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250,00 € tax incl.

Main features

  • Total analogical VuMeter circuitry
  • Separate power supply terminal (vu-meter can be switched on/off independently)
  • Management of PANP Keys and Lamps without extra boards
  • Drives count-down lamps directly
  • K.A.R.R. or K.I.T.T. same price
  • In addition to red and yellow, we also offer: blue, white, green 16-segment vumeter, for those looking for a "different" voicebox

Other features

  • Audio input with galvanic transformer/isolator
  • Input audio sensitivity adjustable
  • 4 step sequencer with DTMF tones at start-up
  • Bonus feature: works as a DTMF random tone generator for your KITT keys
  • DTMF volume adjustable
  • (in)famous start-up music, OFF by default
  • True 8ohm speaker with cone, permanent magnetic field, and membrane (no piezo buzzer)


We use PTH leds with a big lens, and a rear metallic parabolic reflector. This gives high dispersion (120° viewing angle) and tungsten-lamp 80s Look n Feel as in the TVShow, but without the heating, short life and vibration damage drawbacks of the lamps.

Please notice in the TVShow you didn't have UNIFORM illumination, but you can count the THREE LAMPS behind and see the THREE CIRCLES. We tried to reproduce this effect closely. Please watch video and judge results for yourself.


Various functions of the voicebox demonstrated, watch the end of the video when the interiors of the voicebox are shown.


Ideegeniali voicebox is capable of direct driving external count-down lamps.


VideoTutorial: how to connect PANP keys and Step Relay to Voicebox




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