PANP Keys original n.o.s.

Original from stocks of the 80's

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200,00 € tax incl.

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Initially built during the eighties, these buttons come from old stock mantained in perfect mint conditions.

These are vadal-proof buttons for automated cans distributors made in USA. These are priced over $80 each on standard industrial parts catalogs. Ideegeniali offers the set of 4 at €100.

Common, Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts for the momentary action pushbutton.

Two contacts for the lamp, that can be operated indipendently of the buttons.

Tipical wiring allows to power/unpower the whole electronic (POWER button) or choose among AUTO NORMAL PURSUIT mode of the voicebox.


VideoTutorial: how to connect PANP keys and Step Relay to Voicebox




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