Step Relay

Converts a pushbutton into a on/off toggle switch

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12,00 € tax incl.

This is garanteed to draw ZERO current when OFF. Don't let forgotten electronic devices in stand-by status suck your battery to death. Always use a Relay like this for proper and complete shutting OFF.

Knight Rider replicas are full of eye-catching pushbuttons everywhere, but what a pity when you need a on/off toggle-action switch! You hardly find one. This ain't an issue anymore. With a step relay, you can just convert any momentary-action pushbutton into a on/off toggle switch. Push one time: switch to ON. Push again: switch to OFF.

Contact are rated 10A. This is powerful! KITT buttons cannot handle such big currents, that would destroy them. You may use this relay for POWER button of PANP keys. It will handle 10A worth of electronic devices.

Construction is robust. Brand is Finder, made in Italy, known world-wide for high-quality relais for industrial applications. This will give you years of continued operations.



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