Voicebox S12 overlay

150,00 € tax incl.

  • Strong plastic body injection moulded
  • Transparent lenses in lasercut plexiglass
  • Screen printed lettering (no digital prints) in native colors (no color mixing)
  • Designed, developed and produced in Italy


This is the perfect companion to ideegeniali voicebox. During voicebox development, we worked closely with our partner, KRW Industries that was developing the overlay. We converged to common mechanical quotes. Ideegeniali tried true incandescent lamps and different LED technologies, KRW tried different lettering and plexy thickness, different building technologies and materials for main body, and together we tried different distance between board and overlay, and different led and lettering color, until obtaining the closest effect to the TVShow we could achieve. We hope to satisfy your expectations: you can see the result and judge for yourself in the video below.



Various functions of the voicebox demonstrated, watch the end of the video when the interiors of the voicebox are shown.




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