UC100 USB Motion Controller

Allows Mach3 use on PC without parallel port

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100,00 € tax incl.

Mach3 is great CNC control software if you have a printer port, but what if your PC has not? If you have a spare PCI slot, you may use a PCI/LPT card. But for optimum performance and ease of use, just connect this USB motion controller that will work out of the box without needing to reconfigure pin assignement, since it's configured with standard port and pin assignement in mach3 and has a standard DSUB25 female header with printer port pinout for you favorite CNC board.

System performance will increase since stepping jitter accuracy is better on a dedicated CPU instead of using main PC CPU, which is releaved from calculating and operating stepping tasks and is free for GUI interaction.

Main features:

  • Powerful CPU inside, controls up to 6 axis in coordinated movements
  • USB mini connection to host PC (USB cable included)
  • Printer port SUB25 connector with same pinout you're used to
  • Works with Mach3 software via dedicated plugin
  • Step frequency up to 100kHz
  • Fast communication and large data buffer for reliable, robust and stable operation

Please note this is NOT a usb-to-printer adapter. This will work with Mach3 and will not work with printers. Conversely a usb-to-printer adapter will work with a printer, but won't work with mach3.




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