Parallel PCI Card DB25 Port

Parallel PCI Card Expantion Port. Adds a second db25 printer port to desktop PC

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20,00 € tax incl.

Your PC lacks printer port? It's no longer a problem. This expantion board provides an additional DB25 parallel port to your Desktop PC. You just need an empty PCI bus slot, plug this board in, and you're all done, thanks to Plug & Play technology, the board auto-magically configures itself.

You don't want to plug in electronic staff into your MoBo printer port? Just plug it into an expantion board printer port, and leave the first printer port for conventional use.

Your CNC project is getting complex? Just augment the number of digital I/O of your PC with a second printer port. Mach3 supports two printer ports on a single PC, and you can double the available I/O from 12 outputs + 5 inputs (single printer port) to 24 outputs + 10 inputs (with two printer port). You'll have plenty of lines to command every device on your setup.

Technical features:

• Supports EPP, ECP e SPP modes
• Fully supports PCI IRQ sharing

• Automatically selects IRQ and IO Address
• Universal Bus Power Design for 5V and 3.3V
• Compatible with ISA Parallel Port Addressese for use with Legacy Devices & Software
 • Certifications and standards: CE, FCC, PCI 2.3, WEEE
• Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7, Linux  
• PCI bus board with one external DB25 port

• Shorter flange for smaller PC included in the scope of delivery 






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