Power S3/4

Digital Real Time Clock, Auto Normal Pursuit Working, Voltmeter


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300,00 € tax incl.


  • Digital clock with quartz crystal (hour, minutes), will keep time with board power off
  • 5 segments graphical voltmeter (you have digital voltmeter on speedo board)
  • Two more 5 segments horizontal bars show random light plays
  • World's first and unique "black magic" sensors on lights: power/auto/normal/pursuit lights work at finger tapping as touch screen and commute auto/normal/pursuit on voicebox too
  • Internal touch works only with plastic overlays; with alu overlay must use 4 external pushbuttons
  • inputs for pushbuttons are optocoupler isolated
  • New since revision 1.2: dip-switch selectable internal touch sensor Vs external pushbutton for each of the four channels. No more need to order one kind or other (V1.0) or to insert/remove daughter board (V1.1)
  • New since revision 1.1: remote input, works in conjunction with third party's Anthony Giannakis power distribution module: can power up voicebox and 10 step countdown only, then whole dash when count down finishes, from the power touch sensor inside power board


Raw unedited power board footage


Differences on features and use among revision 1.0 1.1 and 1.2



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