Dash electronic set

Free Stickers and CountDown

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1 x Voicebox

Karr or kitt, VuMeter, PANP keys controller, CountDown output, Sequencer, DTMF tone generator

1 x Dummy3

Random light play

1 x Speedo

Fuel, Speed, Trip Computer, Odometer, Turn Lights, Headlights, Low Beam

1 x Tacho

Rpm, voltmeter, coolant temperature, oil pressure, random light plays

1 x Dummy6

Third bar is voltmeter

1 x Message

With blue British Flag 16-segments display

1 x Stickers

laser printed adhesive sheet

1 x Dash S1/2 mounting hardware kit

Hex spacers, screws, nuts, washers to attach boards to overlays

Price lowered!
1 250,00 € tax incl.

1 320,00 € tax incl.

instead of 1 320,00 €

Main features

  • Easy to wire up: only power supply and car sensors
  • Easy to use: well balanced functionality set
  • Concise and practical user manual
  • Seven CPU on boards: more silicon and less copper in respect to other solutions
  • Protection fuses on boards - drive safe
  • Polarity reverse protection on boards - wrong wiring fail proof
  • Designed, Engineered, Built and Tested in Italy


Other features

  • Miniaturized switching power supply integrated: high efficiency, low heat production, low current consumption, battery lasts more at exhibitions, full bright even when battery voltage drops, uniform and constant brightness even while standing electrical spikes on running engine
  • Screw terminals: access individual wires and signals
  • Independent operations of individual boards
  • Analogue Filtered for noise on both supply rail and car sensor tracks
  • Constant and continous firmware and hardware development for countless improvements
  • Proven reliable, scalable and customizable hardware architecture
  • On the market for many years now - buy with confidence


We design, engineer and build our own products: we have R&D Lab, Pick n Place SMD, PTH assembly line and Quality Control Lab in house. In case you need it, you may contact and speak directly with the hardware engineer that designed the boards, the assembly line technician that mounted them, or the Quality Control employee that performed the tests.

Low prices and high quality, due to high production volumes and less handover in respect to those who have engineering and/or production in outsourcing.

Dash parts are sold also separately: buy only what you need, when you need it. Or purchase alltogether without headaches, and get Stickers and CountDown for free: take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Buy NOW!

Pack content




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