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SMD parts on bottom side of pcb to reduce vertical size, as any installer knows, there isn't so much spare room inside the switchpod fiberglass parts. No-Ghost No-Mask diodes are provided already on board and you don't need to mount external ones. Each led assembled on its own calibrated and custom build spacer, held in position during manifacturing with a led inserting mask ensuring mutual alignment.

Plastic parts. Pushbuttons body injection molded on industrial machines after developing and designing custom mold. Colored background CNC mill machine cut out of stable pigmented mill-grade plexiglass plates. No painting, but colored resin. Lettering is screen printed in two colors.

No adhesive label. No digital printing whatsover. No adapted commercial parts. No compromises. Just industrial state of the art processes on raw materials, to give it the shape we want, getting high visual impact and long lasting results.

Power supply. For basic use, just connect two wires. Red wire goes to +12V and black wire goes to GND. Even with a simple connection like that, you have green and yellow leds always lit, and individual red led lights up while pressing the pushbutton. As in TV-Show.

DTMF Tones. Want to hear a DTMF tone each time you press a button? No more struggling with dedicated dtmf tone generator board, chunks of dozens of multiple-connected cables each with a diode on it to prevent ghosting. Nothing like that. Just connect a single wire, the white one, from switchpod to DTMF Tone request input on voicebox. As you already know, ideegeniali voicebox acts as a tone generator for switchpod keys... or any other key you want to make sounds out of!

Extra connections. You have individual momentary to GND soldering PAD below each of the 20 keys. This can power up small loads like laser diodes or leds. For higher current loads, use a car relay (momentary action) or step relay (toggle action) (relays sold separately). Again, you don't have to bother with diodes and/or interference with DTMF tone request, the switchpod circuitry takes care of everything for you, and you don't have to take care yourself, just connect the load you want and it'll work OK.

Change that message! The 20 keys perform and is faithfull in color and lettering, to the standard angle of the TV-Show, the ones seen more often. Compare with tv-show frames (courtesy of wikipedia). It's hard to tell which one is the original and which one is a replica! Read the caption below the photos ;-) However, if you want that text shown in that episode (text changed from episode to episode) we provide 18 more extra keys (sold separately), so you can mix and match the switchpod perfect for your needs. Replacing a key with another is easy and fun, thanks to the snap-in mounts.


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