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For windows or driver's seat DC motors

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50,00 € tax incl.

This control boards is equipped with dual pole dual throw relays and can control up to three DC motors with forward and reverse (open and close) input control signals.

This is used in Knight Rider Replica Cars to control two windows motors, or three driver's seat motors. You need one board for both windows. And another board for the seat.


Main features:

  • Six leds will always tell the status of the control lines for easy debug
  • Internal diodes prevent both commands of being asserted at the same time
  • Both + and - available on control signals: supports common GND or common +12V


Connections on screw terminals are easy labeled as follows:

  • +FWD- and +REW-: 12V input control signals to relay coils. Usually by Car PC.
  • +12V- SUPPLY: power line for motors. Please insert a fuse before the board.
  • MOTOR: Output to motor
  • FEED: optional connection. While no command is asserted, FEED is connected to MOTOR, e.g. if you have manual windows pushbuttons, you can connect their output into FEED.
    Or just leave FEED unconnected if you don't need this feature.


Theory of operations:

  • No command asserted -> MOTOR connected to FEED (e.g. manual pushbuttons operate)
  • FWD asserted -> MOTOR connected to SUPPLY in direct polarity (e.g. car PC opens)
  • REW asserted -> MOTOR connected to SUPPLY in inverted polarity (e.g. car PC closes)
  • Both FWD and REW asserted -> FWD prevails




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