13 optocoupled inputs, 4 relay outputs

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Electronic board for parallel port or UC100, UC300, UC400

13 optocoupled inputs, and 4 relay outputs 

Don't risk damaging your UC300 with direct connection, use optocoupled inputs and relay outputs to protect it. Attaching many input/output to UC300 can be difficult with IDC-26 ribbon cable connectors, make it easy with screw terminal access. Scalable solution, buy as many boards as you need for your project, when need grow, simply add more boards to the system. Know exactly what's happening in your machine, there is a led for each and every signal, same colors as UC30 user manual, easy debug. Mounting hardware included. Socketed chips for easy fast and cheap replacement in case of failure.


  • All optocoupled input have green led signalling status
  • All relay outputs have red led signalling status
  • Same color code as UC300 user manual: green=input, red=output
  • One more green led shows 12VDC power supply present

Screen printed reference

  • Numer of printer port pin screen printed next to each screw terminal input/output
  • All relay output marked C NO CN in screen printing, you have
    all three contacts of relay switch: Common, Normally Open, Normally Closed
  • All optocoupled inputs have + and - clearly marked in screen printing
    Both contacts present, you can work with positive common or negative common

Other features

  • All connections on screw terminal 3.81mm = 0.15 inches pitch
  • Printer port connector DSUB25 male
  • Mounting hex spacers, screws, washers, included
  • All chip socketed: in case they fail, it's possible and easy to replace optocouplers (EL817 or equivalent) or relay coil drivers (ULN2803)
  • Standard product 12VDC power supply. 24VDC power supply on request, same price.




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