KITT Upper Console, 28 keys USB

USB Keyboard 28 keys

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100,00 € tax incl.

It's a pity to have dozens of keys in the upper console S2, and waste them with no use. But it's unpractical to connect a wire for each of them. Therefore here comes the USB Keyboard, self-powered, that will be connected to Car PC with a single A/B USB Cable (Sold separately).

Each of the 28 keys comes pre-defined with the alphabet A..Z, BACKSPACE, and SPACE. But you can redefine to whatever you want, including multimedial keys (VOLUME UP, DOWN, MUTE) and special key combinations ALT+F4, WINDOWS+D, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+A, and so on.


Key color sequence in video as in Season 4, but available also with key color sequence as in Season 2.




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