KITT CountUp 2.3

New hardware revisione with brigher displays

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75,00 € tax incl.

Thanks to all users for enthusiastic feedback on the product!!!

New since revision 2.2 is now yet more compact, and has display mounted on the middle of the board instead of next to the border, so that it's easier to mount than ever inside all kind of fiberglass parts.

New since revision 2.3 accomodates new seven segment displays with black background, higher brightness. Out starting on october, 1st, 2020 at €50. Preorder now discounted price €40.

As easy to use as usual: just connect power supply and it will start counting up, remove power and it will shut off.

Integrated MicroSwitching power supply for low heat, high efficiency, constant led brightess even at fading, low, instable, unreliable or noisy power supply input.

All segments are direct-driven, with constant current sink drivers. No multiplex, no charlieplex. No eye disturbing and flicker-free video shooting garanteed on any lighting condition and with any camera.





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