CNC Retrofit kit for Proxxon mf70

All you need to convert a micromill Proxxon MF70 to cnc in a special saving bundle pack.

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1 x CobraLPT

Compact 2 to 5 axis, 5 digital inputs, 2 relay output, 2A bipolar stepper motor driver.

Compatible with mach3, uccnc, emc2, turbocnc, kellycam, foamworks, jedicut, gmfc, ...

1 x Subd25 male-female cable

PC printer port connection cable.

1 x Enclosure for cobra

Cobra enclosure

1 x Armadillo "5 minutes" MF70 edition

MF70 CNC Retrofit entirely made in Italy. Mount or remove it in 5 minutes.

1 x Power supply 24V/65W

Indoor power supply for cobra

300,00 € tax incl.

instead of 315,01 €

Buy all you need to convert your Proxxon MF70 to CNC at once!

Please note this kit DOES NOT include the proxxon mf70 machine itself!

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