Armadillo "5 minutes" MF70 edition

MF70 CNC Retrofit entirely made in Italy. Mount or remove it in 5 minutes.

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100,00 € tax incl.

CNC mechanical conversion kit for Proxxon MF70

Joints, brackets, spacers, screws, and assembly instructions for a mechanical conversion kit for Proxxon MF70. This retrofit, simple and elegant, now at its third revision, has many advantages over other similar products:

  • Protection on guides left in position to kepp covering the threaded rods and protecting them from dust and chips.
  • Doesn't rub out any millimeters on Proxxon mf70 original movements, nor on cross table, nor in Z.
  • Does not change the Proxxon Mf70 in any way with holes, glue, or in any other way: you can remove the retrofit and switch back to the original conditions of mf70 any time.
  • The joints are fixed on external knobs and not directly on threaded rods. Even the original plastic plates are left in position in the final assembly. It's the least intrusive retrofit on the market, the result of careful, passionate and continuous planning, research and innovation.
  • The original knobs are kept accessible for manual movements.
  • Assembling this kit is a breeze. It takes literally 5 minutes and no special tools are needed: you only need a conventional screw driver and allen keys (hex).
  • Parts are made out of steel and polymer. Steel parts are built on laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, and undergo a protective treatment. Polymer parts are built on CNC lathes. Only precision workshop machines designed for large batches are used: it is essential for moving mechanical parts like these wich must work without any power loss due to friction, or any accuracy issue. As you can see in the videos, quality is total.

This retrofit is designed for Nema23 standard flange and 1/4 inch shaft, as in any nema23 engine by Ideegeniali. Kiwi retrofit is also sold separately, so that one can assemble his own nema23 motors and electronics to the proxxon mf70. Performance in videos is obtained with cobra and 1,2Nm motors.


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