KITT Voicebox 2006

Knight Thousand Two Thousand voice is visualized on this multiple bar graphs analogue vu-meter

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65,00 € tax incl.

10 step visualization vu meter with multiple led bargraphs totalling 60 leds. Audio signal input with galvanic insulation coupling 1:1 transformer (no risk for car audio system or pc audio output). Bright leds on all bargraphs with discrete transistor amplifier stage. Single DC power supply 10-18VDC with spikes protection (a must have for the electrically instable power available on a car). Easy to connect: power on one side, audio signal on the other, via 2-poles screw terminals. Adjustable sensitivity via trimpot on board. Suitable for speaker-level audio signals. Compact design. Hi quality standards manifacture. All parts brand new.

Double layer, metallized holes, green soldermask FR-4 PCB material. Two versions available: to-be-soldered (PCB + parts + partlist and assembly instruction, solder it yourself) or already-assembled, ready to go.


A customer added side leds (not included), and connected voicebox to TomTom navigator audio output. These circuits are meant to be hacked/personalized! He also developed a car pc software for visualizations effects on lcd screen. Visit Dj Chicco Mix website.

First trials on the homebrewed prototype




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