Stepper motors, electronic board, pc connection cable: in this value-packed bundle find everything you need to motorize your hobby-made cnc machine

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99,00 € tax incl.

Main features

  • Motors are included
  • 3-axes interpulated (coordinated movements)
  • 5 digital inputs for home-switches, feeling cauge, emergency stop, etc.
  • 2 relais outputs for electric tool, vacuum cleaner, etc.
    Relais contacts are accessible by 2 screw terminals. Normally Open contacts are rated 250VAC/5A. Both output have 1 signalling led each.
  • PC Connection by Parallel port. Board is compatible with practically every CNC control software on parallel port. Just to mention some compatible software: KellyCam, TurboCnc, Master5, Cenece, Ninos, Mach1/2/3, etc.
  • Single supply 12V DC. Led signalling power present.
  • All supplied goods are brand new.

What you'll receive

  • Industrial quality Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
    Green Soldermask, White serigraphy, Already drilled
  • First-quality electronic components
  • Hexagonal mountings M3
  • Parallel 25-wires connection cables to PC
  • Connectors to build extension cables to motors
  • 3 identical stepper motors
    12V, 20 ohm/phase, 1,8°/step = 200 step/revolution, Nema 23 standard mounting, maximum torque: 4,5 kgfcm, power consumption: 14W each motor (2 phases on)
  • Mach3: software for CNCing ready configured limited to 1000 rows of ISO/GCode
  • Illustrated User Manual (Only Italian at the moment - Translation coming soon). It explains how to connect the board and teaches basics about Mach3, the software.
  • Illustrade step-by-step guide at assembling components onto the board (Only Italian at the moment - Translation comeing soon)
  • Access to reserved webpages with a growing list of useful contents

What you won't receive

  • Power supply 12V 4A
    You can use an old PC power supply, which you can buy for 3 euros at electronic fears. If you plan to build your power supply from scratch, you don't need to stabilize voltage: a transformer, 4 diodes, a big (4700 uF) electrolitic cap will suffice.
  • No mechanical stuff supplied
    You are free to choose whatever you like

Buy Options

I sell the kit in two different versions: De Luxe (to be soldered) or Chiavi in mano (already assembled and tested).
If you can use an electronic soldering iron, buy De Luxe version: to mount electronic components on an industrial quality PCB with soldermask and serigraphy, following step-by-step illustrated guide, is fun and lets you save some money, and you may tell your friends you built the circuit all alone. If you are more capable in mechanics than electronics or don't have time or skill to solder the board, choose the Chiavi in Mano version, already assembled and tested, ready to use.

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3 axes kit


Rumorella (diy wooden cnc machine) at work on a plastic box. Please note: machine is not included in this product.


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