KITT Spacemat 2.6 All-in-one

Mp3 player, DTMF tones, USB keyboard, Serial interface, Dual supply

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300,00 € tax incl.

SPACEMAT revision 2.6 is out!


TV-Show accurately spaced clickey individual pushbuttons, overlay with UV-Resistant outdoor signs grade vinyl, screen printed lettering. Font face, weight, size info ex Nick Nugent book.

Dual supply: USB self powered or 12VDC from car electrical plant. Auto senses which supply(s) is(are) present and uses it(them).

MP3 player. Up to 32 folders with up to 32 files in each folder = 1024 files with single key direct access. Internal high end speaker with sound quality preserving mounting (mono) and/or lineout on 3.5mm jack (stereo). Volume control.

USB Keyboard. Out of the box comes with the alphabet backspace and arrow keys. Program any keystroke with or without shif/ctrl/alt/win modifiers. No additional software or hardware is needed for reprogramming.

DTMF tones. No fake playback of pre recorded dtmf on stored mp3 files. Our spacemat performs real time multi frequency synthesis and analogue mixing on dedicated speaker.

Serial line for Microcontrollers: connect your arduino uno, mega, Raspberry Pi, Esp8266, Teensy or any other microcontroller.

Pre-assembled screws, washers, hexagonal spacers.

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Spacemat has been an ideegeniali best sellers for the past 10 years. Thank you to every replica builder out there who owns an Ideegeniali spacemat in his/her car! A successful product is the driver of its own innovation. After doing countless custom versions of spacemat for countless clients, I tried to develop an all-in-one spacemat that will match each and every single common or exotic functionlaity request I received.

It's been a triple challenge:

1) Fitting all parts in tiny space constraints

2) Preserve analog audio quality on a digital USB device connected to noisy 12V car plant

3) Provide a user interface that empowers owners to control all functionalities intuitively.

I'm proud of the results myself, and I hope you'll love it as well for what Ideegeniali Spacemat 2.6 can do for your replica!





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