KITT White Rocker Keys

Set of 4 three position, illuminated white rocker keys

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120,00 € tax incl.

Three positions, Single Pole Dual Throw, Rocker key. In the central position contacts are isolated, in the left and right position, the Common terminal is connected to one of the other two: ON-OFF-ON.

Two more contacts allow for the internal lamp lighting.

The scope of delivery is for a set of 4 keys.


Please note. Incandescent lamps for these keys are becoming more and more difficult to find. Based on availability in the market at time of restocking, internal lamp could be:

a) 12V: attach car's 12V directly to each lamp

b) 24V: attach car's 12V directly to each lamp: it'll light up, altought not full bright

c) 6V : DO NOT ATTACH CAR'S 12V to a single lamp, or it'll break. Instead, connect two lamps in series: 6V+6V=12V. Then you can attach car's 12V to the series of TWO lamps to light them up

d) White Led + Resistor. If we cannot find lamps on the market at time of restocking, we'll mount white led + resistor inside the lamp, you can attach 12V to light it up, there's no need for you to add extra resistors, since we already provided resistors.

We insert a printed note inside the box telling what kind of lamps we mounted inside.




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