Tacho S3/4

True rpm, oil psi, coolant temp, fuel

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300,00 € tax incl.


  • Car's rpm tachometer shown as numerical value on 3 digits 7-segment displays
  • Suitable for 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders and 8 cylinders cars
  • TV-Show faithful 32 circle of leds graphical rpm display, all 32 segments work
  • Rpm also shown on horizontal 7-segment horizontal bargraph
  • Car's coolant temperature shown on 7-segment horizontal bargraph
  • Car's oil pressure shown on 7-segment horizontal bargraph
  • Car's remaining fuel in tank until empty shown on 7-segments horizontal bargraph
  • True analogue multiturn trimmer calibration for rpm and fuel reading (already adjusted at manifacture)
  • Two more 7-segments horizontal bargraphs feature random light plays

Raw video footage for tacho




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