Voicebox S3/4

Sequencer, VuMeter, DTMF tone generator, AutoNormalPursuit Lamps, 10th step output

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300,00 € tax incl.



  • TV-Show faithful initial sequence both on timing and pitch
  • TV-Show faithful side lights size
  • TV-Show faithful shades of green/yellow
  • 13 steps DSP VuMeter
  • 20 segments bargraphs
  • 10 steps initial sequencer
  • Four External lamp drive output for CountDown
  • 10th step output
  • DTMF Tone Generator with DTMF tone request input
  • Internal speaker (for DTMF tones)
  • Auto/Normal/Pursuit lamps ready for Power board
  • Internal MicroSwitching power supply: less heat, less Amps, constant brightness of LEDs on fading or noisy supply
  • Isolation audio transformer
  • Trimmer to adjust audio sensitivity and DTMF distorsion
  • All connections on easily accessible and serviceable screw terminals

Tv Show Frame Vs CAD Design

TvShow Frame Vs Ideegeniali's VoiceBox CAD Design


Video Comparison between TvShow and Ideegeniali's VoiceBox

Audio Comparison between TvShow and Ideegeniali's VoiceBox

Testing Ideegeniali's VoiceBox DSP VuMeter




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