Dash s1/2 wiring kit

130 feet of electrical wire in appropriate wire gauges and colors, fuse, fuse holder, screw terminals, zip-ties

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30,00 € tax incl.

All wiring between boards, to car sensors and to control pushbuttons you need for ideegeniali's dash s1/2 electronics in a convenient kit. Wires are in appropriate colors and wire gauge for clean, mounting. We also included multipole cables where they make for a easier mounting. We also included main fuse with fuse holder, extra screw terminals to provide detach point for sub-assemblies, and zip ties.

Download pdf step-by-step assembly guide, with easy-to-follow diagrams, from "download" tab.

Package contents:


  • 20 feet red wire AWG 20 for main power distribution
  • 20 feet black wire AWG 20 for main power distribution
  • 6 feet (3 feet red, 3 feet black) wire AWG 22 for local power distribution
  • 33 feet multicolored wire (3 feet x 11 colors) AWG 22 for connections to car sensors and pushbuttons
  • 12 feet red/blue wire AWG 22 for audio input to voicebox, left car speaker
  • 8 feet multipole cable 4x AWG 22 for voicebox to panp keys connection


  • Fuse holder wire inline
  • 5 Amp main fuse
  • Screw terminals 6 ways, 2ways, 1way. Optional but recommended use: if you want to provide split-points between sub-assemblies
  • Zip ties




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