Random light play

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250,00 € tax incl.

  • TV-Show faithful colors
  • All bargraphs perform random light plays
  • Just connect power supply and it works out of the box


To control LED current, and therefore its brightness, we use constant current led-driving chips and not series-resistor to power rail. That is, led brightness is independent of input voltage, and independent of tolerance value that afflict graphite resistors.

LEDs are driven individually, there's no multiplex, so you get flicker-free video shooting and no fatigue to the eyes while driving. Multiplex is a technique widely used to save on costs, but gives poor flickering (rapidly flashing) results. We avoid mulitplex whenever possible.

Yellow LEDs are mounted on custom-built spacers and raised to correct tv-show faithful height. During the assembly we don't rely on spacers only, but also use custom-built LED-aligning masks. We invented nothing: these are consolidated industrial practices.


This article comprises the two boards shown on video




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