Eject Electronics

With sound, progressive filling, adjustable speed

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70,00 € tax incl.

Enpower and enrich your replica with Gadgets that fit below main dash overlay.

Eject is an iconin functionality of KITT we all have memories of.

Operations: press on the two eject pushbuttons, and the bar will progressively fill up. Light and sound are in synch. Filling speed adjustable with a trimmer.

Such filled bars can be emptied pushing on Cancel button (included), just like in the TV-Show, you can cancel eject. However, bars will empty alone after a while (as if eject actually took place).

Please note that eject buttons are not included, just wire up any two pushbuttons in your replica of your choice. Our recommendation is to use the EJECT LEFT and EJECT RIGHT pushbuttons on the switchpod for this functionality.

One pushbutton (for cancel) is included in the scope of delivery of this article.

For a limited time we're offering THREE instead of ONE pushbutton. Two extra pushbuttons for free!

Overlay is not included in the scope of delivery of this article.





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