KITT Lighted Door Handle, 3 colors

9 leds in three colors light in synch with door opening/closing mechanism

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25,00 € tax incl.

A pair of 9 led strips (3 are green, 3 yellow and 3 red) to be put just below your replica door handle.

3 green and 3 yellow leds will light up while opening the door, 3 yellow and 3 red leds will light up when closing it.

Installation is extremely simple: just two wires, to connect to the existing door lock actuator.

The trick works like this: power up this strip of leds with a polarity, and a combination of led colors will show; power the same strip with inverted polarity, and the other combination will show.

2 strips are sold per article: one for each door. You purchase 1 article per replica car.




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