KITT MiniVoicebox

Miniature voicebox, fits anywhere

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80,00 € tax incl.

Ideegeniali is proud to announce the smallest footprint miniature voicebox on the market! There is no worry it will fit your project nicely and effectively.

Stripped down in functions, it only has vumeter, yet still has room for trimpot sensitivity control and integral reverse polarity protection, and is available both in KITT and KARR visualization pattern, as well as different led bargraph color. And of course, since we care for your car audio, pc audio or home theather audio circuitry, it includes a galvanic isolation transformer on audio input for your safety and confidence of interconnection to your audio plant.

Of course it uses special ideegeniali circuitry with true constant-current control for leds and not cheap series resistor, therefore the first 3 segments (featuring two leds) won't light up brighter than remainder segments (featuring six leds), and won't change luminous intensity following power supply input voltage variations, as it happens in some not well designed circuits.

Main features:

  • Audio galvanic transformer/isolator
  • Trimmer to adjust input audio volume
  • Total analogical Vu-Meter circuitry
  • No luminous flux intensity differences among first three segments and remainder
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Smallest footprint on the market
  • KARR instead of KITT version available as option, same price
  • Red, Yellow, Green bargraph available. Green discounted price.
  • Clean, functional, and aesthetically pleasant design
  • And last but not least: low price!




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