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Touch probe with double detection technology

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CNC machines are very accurate, but what if you fail at zeroing correctly? All your toolpath will translate by a systematic error. A touch probe comes in handy to precisely fix a side or edge on the working piece, thus removing the systematic error.

Double technology! Contact is determined mechanically, when the touching tip is deflected or pushed, but also electrically, when the stem is externally electrically connected to the tip. When you work on a metal machine, electrical contact usually exists between chuck, machine base, vise and a metal working piece. This touch probe will also work for machines with electrically isolated chuck and/or non conductive working pieces, thanks to the mechanical detection.

Main features

  • Double detection technology: mechanical and electric
  • Detection display with internal led
  • Two internal batteries coin cell type LR44 (included and installed, replaceable, spares available)
  • Typical battery life: 3 to 5 years with typical use
  • Steel stem, diameter: 6mm or 3.2mm, length: 22mm
  • Aluminium touching tip, cylindrical: diameter: 4.0mm, length: 18mm
  • Aluminium touching tip, spherical: diameter: 3.0mm, length: 18mm
  • Body diameter: 24,5mm
  • Total height from stem base to touch tip: 63mm
  • Special customized pliers available to open/close without damage (sold separately)

Beware of your chuck! Eccentricity error must be kept within 0,10mm so that a touch probe improves zeroing Vs a visual inspection. The typical error measured when using a ER chuck is 0,03mm. Different kind of chuck may introduce their eccentricity error, vanifying the benefits of using a touch probe. We recommend using only ER chucks when you need a precision job.

Standard touch tip may be selected from drop-down box: cylindrical is best suited for referencing a side or edge on the workpiece, spherical is best suited to survey more complex 3D shapes. Steel stem please choose 6mm (standard machines) or 3.2mm (micro machines, like MF70).

Parts are worked at turntable at high precision standards, but are NOT rectified, therefore target is hobby and not professional. Craftmanship: each piece is individually build, assembled and tested by an experienced turner and ships into its wooden box for safe keeping.




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