Lower console s3/4 electronics

Many different light shows with Fade In and Fade Out, floppy and tape lights

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Lower console s3/4 electronics

Many different games of light

Dedicated led for floppy and tape

Led drivers not only allow on/off control, but also gradual fade-in and fade-out progressive dimming. This gives a variety of visual effects, never seen on a KITT electronics set before.

Floppy light is extremely realistic. An actual HDD light of an eighties PC has been recorded/campionated for several minutes, then reproduced accurately. You won't see a more lively floppy light on the market, that will truly bring KITT to life.

Main lights, floppy and tape lights, can be switched on/off individually. Board remembers settings between power cycles. Can set a single light play (or steady ON if you prefer), or cycle automatically with many different effects.

Attach power supply only (GND and +12V): it works out of the box and will cycle all effects. Simplest wiring ever. Or attach a pushbutton for more control. Thanks to a smart use of short presses and long presses, a single pushbutton can control everything.

We use special flat top LEDs, that diffuse lights better. Conventional convex top LEDs produce a cone of light that shows a circle when hitting caps surface. Our caps are lit uniformly, as in the TVShow.

Rivets for TVShow faithfulness also serve as a functional purpose and not just decorative. The tape led is not to be glued or attached by unprovided means, it features a dedicated daughter board with mounting holes for the rivets. Some say it's a waste to dedicate a small daughter board just to hold a led. We think that screen accuracy and ease of assembly required mounting holes for rivets and this daughter board. Enjoy!

Which is your favorite light game? FadeIn FadeOut, individual colors, steady on, moving dot, moving cross, starfield... or which other one of the many present? Let us know!

Overlay and floppy & tape sold separately




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