Gas Pedal V2 electronic

M.E.M.S. Inclinometer

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250,00 € tax incl.

Main Features

  • Only power supply to wire up
  • Senses tilting thanks to internal M.E.M.S. inclinometer (same as in your smartphone screen rotation detector and flying drones gyroscope navigation system)
  • Two-pages user's manual: you don't have to study before operating
  • DEMO function for showcase at events
  • SOUND as in TV-show AND in synch with pedal action
  • PTH leds for true 80s look n feel. Flat top for spread lighting
  • Works out of the box


Other features

  • Independent CPU on board: it doesn't rely on other boards for operation
  • Digital Signal Processing combined to analog filtering to teach CPU processor the difference between car vibrations and user intentional pushing action, to recognize and react accordingly
  • Pre-wired cable with fast attach/detach connector
  • Improved version 2: all functions settable with a single pushbutton instead of jumpers


The user's manual in video is a joke: please find real user manual in download section

This video is for gaspedal V1, with jumpers to set functions

You receive gaspedal V2, with a wire to connect to a single pushbutton to set functions




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