UC300-5LPT USB Motion Controller

Emulates 5 printer ports: 49 inputs, 36 outputs

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150,00 € tax incl.

Many digital and analog input and outputs for CNC machines of any complexity unleashed to Mach3 control software.

Main features:

  • Controls up to 6 axis in coordinated movements thanks to dedicated DSP CPU inside
  • USB/B connection to host PC
  • Printer port ribbon cable compatible pinout
  • 49 digital inputs, 36 digital outputs
  • 2 analog inputs (e.g. Feed Rate overide, 2 analog outputs (e.g. Spindle speed)
  • Works with Mach3 software via dedicated plugin
  • Step frequency up to 100kHz
  • Fast communication and large data buffer for reliable, robust and stable operation
  • Easy Mach3 setup: use port and pin assignements on 5 emulated printer ports (Port# 1 to 5 Pin# 1 to 17) as you're already used to



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