Plastic Dash Overlay s1/2

200,00 € tax incl.

Designed and manifactured by KRW Industries

The special material is black in color, but contains white substrate, therefore a laser or cnc engraving will reveal the lettering wigh good contrast and endurance. This technical polymer will stand the CNC cut operations with nice chips and won't melt or deform.

We used very thin Vee bits, and leveled the table, we used vacuum holders to get planarity, and we're happy of results: thin, uniform engraving. However, we still believe that screen printing on aluminium if a superior technology to plastic.

You notice it's no longer six pieces, but just three. There are pre-made V-carvings on back side, that will let the overlay precisely bend where needed, without breaking, and seamlessly. We believe this is superior to many parts to stick together revealing the joints.

Please don't overlook fixing holes positions and shape: you may mount printed circuit boards with screws and spacers, have some room for fine adjustements, and the screws won't be visible, because they fall underneath the fiberglass, covering them.





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