Blue Mask Tape

Protects heat bed surface, eases adherence of first printed layer

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5,00 € tax incl.

This tape is used in the conventional industry to protect some areas on house walls by masking them during painting. It comes in vivid blue to be clearly seen Vs contrasting background.

The main feature that a 3d printer guy likes in this special tape is the ultra-soft glue that will be removed without leaving anything on the protected surface. Another important feature is that its porous surface will easy the adherence between the first printed layer and underlying surface.

As you will experience while printing, a good adherence of the first layer is crucial for better printing results. This one is the wider on the market: 50mm wide, will cover simple or junior printbed in two stripes, lasercut printbed in 3 stripes, and plus printbed in 4 stripes. With 30m long, it'll be enough coverage for a lifetime!




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