Compact USB 2 to 5 stepper motor driver, 1 relay output, 1 optocoupled input.

Compatible with devFoam software.

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120,00 € tax incl.

This board includes both a controller (32bit CPU with firmware) and power stage (stepper motor drivers) to fully empower a foam cutting or CNC mill machine. A digital output with relay (e.g. hot wire ON/OFF, or spindle ON/OFF) and a digital input with optocoupler (e.g. limit and homing switches) are also provided.

This board is compatible with devCNC Foam (foam cutting). There's no active or planned support for Mach3 or Emc2 at the moment.

Main features:

  • 4 stepper motor driver 2.0A peak 1.6A continuous (5 axes available on request)
  • Individual microstep setting (1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:16 selectable) with jumpers or solder jumpers
  • Individual current setting with trimmers
  • 24V single power supply - green led: power good
  • Relay output with Common, Normally Open and Normally Closed - red led: relay ON
  • 32-bit CPU USB controller - blue led: PC link online
  • Optoisolated (optocoupler socketed) digital input - yellow led: input asserted
  • 5x20mm Fuse on board
  • Supply reverse polarity protection
  • OverTemperature protection for stepper motor power stage
  • All connection on detachable screw terminals, all connector different kind no way to insert in the wrong position
  • FAN connector with GND, +24V and +5V for optional system FAN
  • Optional enclosure available ABS black plastic + front/rear aluminium panels (sold separately), or use 4 D=3mm mounting holes for hex spacers (included) into your own provided enclosure
  • Compatible with devCNC Foam software




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