KITT Upper Consolle, 4 narrow

Colored, lighted, keys for the upper consolle of your kitt replica. Narrow version.

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30,00 € tax incl.

Faithful reproduction of KITT upper consolle keys. Narrow version.

Mounted on industrial black color pcb, mouting holes provided, for quick, easy and fall-proof installation. Normally open and normally closed contacts available on pads for the momentary action pushbutton.

Led function configurable with solder jumpers (a drop of solder) on pcb, without flying wires messing around, compact, effective, easy solution, a time saver. Each led can be individually configured from the others.

a) always on
b) always off
c) normally on, switches off at key press
d) normally off, switches on at key press
e) external control (wire it to other electronic stuff that will takee charge of it)


Always on function demonstrated on video. Other functions configurable.




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